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 tour  Acropolis of                         1 B  daY 1                          Departure to Bergama 107km 2hr  WD
                                                   arrive to istanbul international airport
 Red                                           L D  Meet & Greet with local Guide at airport  visit acropolis of Pergamon
                                                                                visit red Basilica
                                                   Change flight to izmir
 Basilica                                          visit Smyrna; St.Polycarp Church  Departure to izmir 107km 2hr
                                            2    daY 2                 OVERNIGHT IN IZMIR               WD
 St.Policarp  return to hotel
 Church                                        B   Departure to thyateira 140km 2hr  Departure to Philedelphia 90km 1,5hr
                                               L   visit thyateira              visit Philadelphia
 Sardes                                        D   Departure to Sardes 50km 1hr  Departure for Pamukkale 97km 1,5hr
 IZMIR                                             visit Sardes
 Philadelphia                               3    daY 3                 OVERNIGHT IN PAMUKKALE           WD
 Ephesus  Hierapolis   Saint John Basilica     B   visit laodicea               Departure to Kusadasi 190km 30hr
                                               L   visit hierapolis ancient City ruins-  visit virgin Mary house
 Virgin Mary  paMukkale                        D   and Cotton Castle
 House                                      4    daY 4                 OVERNIGHT IN KUSADASI            WD
 Laodicea                                      B   Departure for ephesus 20km 30min  Departure to izmir 80km 1,5hr
                                               L   visit ephesus ancient City   fly to your country via istanbul
                                               D   visit leather factory and enjoy the fashion show
                                                                           ON BOARD
                                                     WALKING DISTANCE (WD) :          LESS THEN 2 HOURS /                BETWEEN 2 AND 3,5 HOURS /                         MORE THAN 3,5 HOURS

                         THYATEIRA, was
                         home to a significant
                         Christian church,
                         The Apostle Paul
                         and Silas might have
                         visited Thyateira
                         during Paul’s second
                         or third journey.
                         SMYRNA is home
                         town of Polycarp
                         student of Saint john
                         who was martyred
                         by the Romans in
                         mount Pegas.
                         LAODICEA, is one of
                         the seven churches
                         refered by saint
                         John. He wrote to
                         laodica people ‘ I
                         know you are neither
                         warm nor cold, you
                         are lukwarm. I will
                         spit you from my
                         mouth’ We will see
                         the ruins of the city.
                         another church of
                         teh seven churches
                         and visit Saint John
 Acropolis of Pergamon  Smyrna  Thyateira  Sardes  Philadelphia  Laodicea  Ephesus  Church from 6 AD.

 3 Nights 4 Days         ephesus ancient city                                 otheR important sights
 Seven ChurCheS  acRopolIs  saRdes  Ephesus Ancient City, The biggest         VIRGIN MARY HOUSE Virgin Mary House.
 of pergamon
                                                                              Virgin Mary and Saint John escpaed from
                         Roman City of Anatolia. And also
                         one of the seven churches refered by
                                                                              Jaruselam and they came to Ephesus. It is
 Acropolis of Pergamon, Cable
 Sardes, was the capital of the
 ancient Kingdom of Lydia, whe-
                                                                              belived that Virgin mary stayed at this house.
                         Saint John. Saint Paul visited the city
 Car experience to visit high
 of revelation  hill. Sites include; Temple of   re the first coin was minted.   2 times.  Two Church Councils were   SAINT jOHN BASILICA Saint John Basilica
 Athena, Temple Of Trojan,
                         held in Ephesus in the 5 C Ad. We will
 Saint John says in his letter to
                                                                              and tomb. Saint John lived in a Ephesus later
                         see the streests of Ephesus the ruins
 church of Sardes’ - wake up
 Arsenals, Altar of Zeus, and the
 otherwise I will come like a thief
                         and Virgin Mary church one of the 7
 Library & the steepest Theatre
                                                                              he was exciled to Patmos Island and later he
                                                                              came back to Ephesus and died here.
                         churches of Revelation.
 of ancient World.
 to your city and wake you up.
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