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vision                                                                                      We gain our expertise by actively
                                                                                              reaching out to and learning of
                                                                                               new information. As tourism
                                                                                               professionals, we work with
                                                                                                 “awareness and pride”.
                FRANKFURT                                                 DANANG   BEIJING

             DUSSELDORF                                                               QINGDAO
                           BERLIN                                     ULAN BATOR       DALIAN
             AMSTERDAM  OSLO
                                               MOSCOW                                  SEOUL
                                                                      CHENGDU                       VLADIVOSTOK
                                WARSAW   MUNICH
 VANCOUVER  PARIS                  PRAGUE                            HANOI
 SEATTLE     LISBON                       BUDAPEST                                           JAPAN
                              VIENNA                          LUANG PRABANG
 SAN FRANCISCO  TORONTO                 ISTANBUL                                    BUSAN
 LOS ANGELES  CASABLANCA                  ANKARA                SIEM REAP        SHANGHAI
 SAN DIEGO                   VENICE                                                       JEJU     TAIPEI
 HAVANA                                          DUBAI                                               HONG KONG
 CANCUN             MILAN                                                                MANILA       SAIPAN
 HANOLULU                                         YANGON                                   CEBU
 MAUI  MEXICO CITY                    AMMAN                      BANGKOK                             GUAM
 KONA                                              CHENNAI                                        VIENTIANE
                                                        COLOMBO                       KOTA KINABALU
 SAN JOSE                                                                     CIKARANG
                                                                PHUKET               SURABAYA
                                        NAIROBI               LANGKAWI
                                                              PENANG          BUNDUNG
                                                             SRIRACHA  PHNOM                      CAIRNS  NOUMEA
                                                                       PENH JAKARTA
 CUSCO  RIO DE JANERIO                                   KUALA LUMPUR                               BRISBANE
 SAO PAULO                                                            HO CHI MINH                   GOLD COAST
                                  JOHANNESBURG               SINGAPORE

            PROVIDE QUALITY TOURISM   with this declaration should   WORKING WITH COMMUNITIES
            PRODUCTS AND SERVICES!   be reviewed by the relevant   IN OUR REGION We maintain        AUCKLAND
            We gain customer satisfaction   authorities and urgently   a balanced communication
 l Everything has two sides.   l Connect and contribute to   and trust by developing quality   prevented with necessary   with the communities in our
 You always do what is best.  the development of humanity   tourism products and services   corrections.  region and contribute to their   QUALITY
 with passion and sincerity!  without ignoring its safety.    growth. We also stay away   We improve our quality with safety and
 l Learn continouosly and            H.I.S. SECURITY OF       from the forces that will   security. We achieve customer satisfaction
 be determined at hard times!  l l Make good use of your   TRANSPARENT, OPEN   PERSONAL INFORMATION   hinder the development of   with punctuality, attention and care.
 luck! Don’t miss out on the   AND HONEST TRADE While   We use personal information   our region
 l Always be respectable,   opportunities that will make   providing products and   with care and we store it   SPEED We respond to the
 polite and understandable to   you successful!  services to the customer; or   meticulously. In the case   PROTECTING NATURE To   requests of our customers as
 others.    when we purchase a number   of giving information about   protect the nature of the world   soon as possible and we return
 l Be a lively, happy and   l Apply quickly and respect   l Value balance! Be your   of services, we trade in a   about HIS, we do it correctly   and live in peace; we avoid any   to them as quick as possible.
 l Protect your good   full of life and always think   the time! Dont forget; “Time is   balance guide in everything   transparent manner. We   and in a timely manner.  unnecessary use.
 communication. Execute   positive!  everything”.  you do!  abstain from malicious and   CUSTOMER ORIENTATION
 every relationship correctly   immoral things that make   PROVIDING COMFORTABLE   WORLD PEACE We contribute   In order to understand our
 and keep everything you do in   l Work with passion!   l Find, learn and use new   l Strengthen your   profit to just one side.  AND SAFE WORK AREA We   to world peace by learning and   customers’ wishes and
 a good balance!  Produce and innovate for the   knowledge! If you know your   understanding of   respect everyone’s character   respecting different cultures of   expectations correctly, we listen
 happiness of people!  enemy and yourself well,   management! Profitability   AUTHORIZATION OF DUTIES  and personality, and draw a   countries.  to them and advise them as a
 l Produce and develop   you don’t have to fear the   is definitely achieved by   All authorities are obliged to   line between his private life and   member of our family.
 in a pioneering mood! Work   l Think big! Always aim   consequences of the war!  customer satisfaction.  comply with this declaration!   his work. We certainly do not   SMILE AND VIVITY Share the
 customer-oriented, but   for the summit and create   Persons concerned shall   find an approach acceptable in   joy of traveling and decorate   HONESTY We provide accurate
 never compromise your own   alternative ways to achieve   l WAKU-WAKU: Be exciting,   l Strive to win! Aim to get   maintain the organizational   which people feel bad  your communication with our   and sincere information to our
 principles!  your goals!  fun and amazing! Always do   to the top and be the only one   structure of H.I.S. with this   customers with a smiling face!  customers and we always fulfill
 more than expected!  there!  declaration. If necessary,   POLITENESS We conduct our   our promises.
 l Improve your personal   l Continuity; Creates real   they make the necessary   friendship with kindness and   NEATNESS Greet our customers
 knowledge of the world   strength. Always try and never   l Love communication!   l l Ensure a strong and tight   arrangements by taking   diligence! We earn their trust   in a peaceful environment
 and be sure to spread it to   give up! Be open to challenges   Value quality communication   balance between the physical   the initiative. Behavior and   with the right expression and   with a correct and quality   our dna
 enlighten other people!  and leave your comfort zone!  with people!  world and the spiritual world!  execution that do not comply   sweet language!   appearance!

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