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seVen ChurChes oF reVelaTion
 The letters to the Seven Churches are found in chapters 2 and 3 of the Book of Revelation. In the
 vision of apostle John, Jesus dictates letters to the Seven Churches of Asia Minor that are relevant
 to the Church in any age. There are different ways to understand the letters to the Seven Churches.
 They can be interpreted as relating to the church in universal terms or for the life of the church at
 different points during it is long history. The apostle John is very interested in the number 7; he is
 instructed by Jesus to write seven letters to the seven churches. The letters follow
 identical formats, and each letter has 7 sections.
                                                                   4   travel wıthout borders
                                                                        Vision and Company DNA
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                                                                        Seven Churches Of Revelation
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 To The ChurCh aT ephesus  For The ChurCh aT pergamum                   Seven Churches With Cappadoccia
 He speaks of seven stars and seven lamp   Jesus has the sharp, double-edged sword. He
 stands. The seven lamp stands are the   is in the position of authority and power and   10   7 churches tour
 seven churches showing that the church   when he wields authority, it’s a blessing for   St. Paul Steps Tour With Cappadoccia
 is expected to be a bright and shining   those who follow and a condemnation
 lights the seven stars may refer to either   for those who do not.   12   7 churches tour
 the guardian angels of the churches or the                             St. Paul Steps Tour With Cyprus
 leaders of the churches. Jesus emphasizes   For The ChurCh aT sardis  14   7 churches tour
 that he holds these stars in his right hand   Jesus holds the seven spirits of God, the seven   St. Paul Steps Tour With Cyprus
 and they are secure in Him as well   stars, and the seven-fold spirit of God. He holds
 as dependent on Him.  those in leadership in his hands, and also   16   places to vısıt
 provides the seven-fold graces of the spirit.                          Seven Churches Tour Details
 To The ChurCh in smyrna
 Jesus is the first and the last, the one who   To The ChurCh aT philadelphia  18   places to cyprus
 died and came to life again. He is the alpha   Jesus is the one who is holy and true, who   Seven Churches Tour Details
 and omega and everything in between. Jesus   holds the key of David. What he opens, no one   20   food ın each destınatıon
 lives in the power of endless life.  can shut; what he shuts, no one can open.
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 To The ChurCh aT ThyaTira  To The ChurCh aT laodiCea              22   basıc ınformatıon for turkey
 Jesus is one whose eyes are like blazing   Jesus is the Amen, the faithful and true   For you unforgettable trip here are some trips
 fire and his feet are like burnished bronze.   witness, the ruler of God’s creation. Jesus is
 He has penetrating insight and wisdom in   the exclamation of what God is saying. He is   24   places to vısıt / shoppıng
 all things. He is also swift to move and in   faithful to all God is, totally true, and is the   Turkish Delight, Carpet, Leather
 action and will perform quickly to   ruler of all God’s creation. He has        and Accessorize
 do what needs to be done.  glorious authority.

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